Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Florida Home in the Fall

Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Florida Home in the Fall
Are you thinking of selling your Florida home situated in Lakeland?
It is certainly a right time to book huge profits from your home considering average home prices in Tampa have increased by 112% in the last 4 years. Hudson is a beautiful city in Pinellas County with white sandy beaches, and a plethora of night clubs and bars.
There is great demand for homes among buyers, especially investors, and you can use it to your advantage if you play your cards well. Fall is considered the best season for selling your home in Lakeland when it is warm outside. Here are some useful tips for selling your home quickly and at top dollar without any hassle.
Here are some useful tips for selling your home quickly and at top dollar without any hassle.

1. Prepare Your Home to Make It Desirable for Buyers

It goes without saying that the way people live in their homes is very different form the way in which they need to show their home to their visitors coming on a showing.
If you want to sell your Lakeland home quickly at a high asking price, you need to prepare the home in order to make it attractive and desirable for potential buyers. In addition to cleaning and de-cluttering, you also need to undertake repairs and improvements that are necessary to catch the attention of the buyers.
You need to think not as a homeowner but as a buyer to be able to make your home sale ready. This transition from a home to a house for sale takes your time, effort, and money but helps greatly in finding buyers quickly.
Florida real estate is such that you face stiff competition from other sellers, and you succeed only if buyers perceive your home as a better bargain in comparison to other homes on the market in your area.

2. Market Your Home Aggressively

It is a fact that more than 90% of the buyers in present times begin their search online. Your buyer can come from anywhere and not necessarily someone based in Lakeland.
This is the reason why you need to market your home in an impressive manner, arousing the curiosity of your target group of buyers.
For how long your house will stay on the market and for how much you will be able to sell it depend largely on the methods of marketing you use and whether they are successful in catching the attention of large numbers of buyers or not.
Modern marketing practices can help your property gain the kind of exposure you want among your target group of buyers.
You need to exploit all offline and online marketing channels from realty websites to social media websites. Remember, the maximum buzz surrounding a property is generated in the first 2-3 weeks after listing. If you have done the marketing of your house well, you will get maximum response from buyers in the first month after listing.

3. Set the Asking Price Right

This is one of the most important factors for you when selling your Florida home.
Keep in mind that homes sell not on the sentiments of owners but according to current market trends and what buyers are looking for in their dream homes.
You need to find out the fair market value of your home so as to set the asking price right. Remember, you are not selling your home in isolation and your asking price should reflect the fair market value of your property.
If you set asking price higher than this fair market value, you can easily scare price sensitive buyers. However, you cannot set the price much lower than fair market value to leave money on the table for the buyer.
Your aim should be to set the price at a level that appears attractive for potential buyers. They should see your home as a bargain value. Homes with a fair price tag also catch the attention of investors and those sitting on the fences.
You can be helped greatly in this endeavour by your REALTOR who has full knowledge of the Comp data in your area.
He can carry out comparative market analysis to arrive at a figure that reflects the fair market value of your home. He compares the sale prices of comparable properties sold in your area in recent times.

4. Find an Experienced Local REALTOR

Selling your Florida home can be a long and stressful exercise unless you have a processional to represent you.
Find a Lakeland based REALTOR having experience in selling homes like yours. Half your job is done if you can find a reliable and honest REALTOR having your best interest at heart. Never mind his commission as he will earn it by closing the deal at close to your asking price.
A good quality REALTOR is like a gold mine for you as he not only markets your property but also finds buyers. He negotiates with their agents and helps in drawing up the sale agreement with the buyer whose offer is best.
In fact, having a good quality REALTOR representing you takes the entire burden off your shoulders. He sees to it that all legal formalities are completed, and all documents filled up. He removed all hurdles from your path and makes selling your Florida home a smooth and hassle-free exercise for you.
Never make the mistake of hiring a hobby REALTOR or someone who promises to sell your house at a very high price. Similarly, do not fall prey to promises of very low commission as these REALTORS will only waste your time and effort.
Find someone who is popular and has the necessary experience of selling homes in Lakeland. Remember, there is no substitute to knowledge and experience when it comes to closing the deal successfully.

5. Make It Easy for the Buyers During Showings

One important reason why many homes in Lakeland remain on the market for a very long time without selling is because interested buyers find it difficult to arrange showing. Right from the time when you have prepared your Lakeland home for sale, you should become involved with the selling process.
Open house is the first marketing effort that your REALTOR uses to gain exposure for your property. As the owner, you should make it easy for your REALTOR and the potential buyers to take a close look at the house from inside.
You and your REALTOR will receive enquiries from potential buyers. The enthusiastic way these queries are handled and the ease with which your REALTOR is able to show your house to potential buyers decides how quickly your Lakeland home will sell.
You should always be ready with a smile on your face to welcome visitors coming on showings. If you are busy, you can authorize your REALTOR to show the house to interested buyers. Buyers appreciate the cooperation from the seller when they come on a showing.
Once you have put your Lakeland house on the market for sale, it is your responsibility to keep it neat and clean and ready for showings for interested buyers.
If you follow these tips for selling your home, you will find that this long and tedious exercise becomes a breeze for you.

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