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Nikki and Armando Silva are a professional real estate team with RE/MAX Collective helping people buy and sell homes in Central Florida.


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What Our Clients Say

Armando Silva is a dedicated individual who has answered the call to serve others in multiple facets of his life. With a strong background rooted in both military service and firefighting, Armando has brought his unwavering commitment to Central Florida, where he continues to make a positive impact on the lives of his community members. Originally hailing from California, Armando embarked on a new chapt...

— Army Veteran, Full-Time Firefighter, and Realtor

What Our Clients Say

Nicole Silva is a dedicated Broker Associate and REALTOR®️ whose passion for real estate is only matched by her commitment to serving her community. Her journey into the world of real estate was inspired by a deep sense of gratitude, a strong work ethic, and a desire to empower families to find their dream homes. Nicole's life has been shaped by her unwavering support for her husband, a valiant firefigh...

— Broker Associate and REALTOR®️

What Our Clients Say

Nicole was so helpful and understanding with me throughout my selling process. I had a bit of a hard time due to my Ex-husband wasn't willing to sign the first offer that was provided but Nicole didn't give up on me. She stuck with me and if she didn't have an answer (I had about a million questions) she would always get me an answer. She made sure to push back when the other Realtor® was asking for more...

— Amber B.

Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

Broker Associate / Realtor®

Nicole Silva is the wife of a firefighter and Army veteran. After taking care of her family and supporting her husband while in the service and school, she decided she was ready to return to the working world.  With 16 years’ experience in marketing and advertising, she decided she wanted to be the voice of real estate.  Her wonderful husband happily returned the favor and supported her while she studied hard for her real estate license.

After witnessing the fulfillment and satisfaction that Nikki was rewarded with by helping wonderful families become homeowners, Armando decided to join Nikki and give birth to Team Silva! Armando continues to serve our community as a Firefighter/Paramedic all while helping Nikki with the day to day operations at Team Silva headquarters.

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Nikki and Armando Silva are a professional real estate team with Blue Sun Realty® helping people buy and sell homes in Central Florida.